I help people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) take control of their IBS symptoms through my Nutrition and Lifestyle program called iControlIBS, which is a unique 12-week step-by-step method to take control of IBS and reclaim your health! 

Please reach me at info@bavanisivananda.com for more details.


If you've been struggling with IBS, please BE SURE TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST!

This is a candid conversation with Roohi Lamba, a fellow Isha trained Classical Hatha Yoga Teachers, about how to take control of #ibs.


(Roohi Lamba is an Isha trained classical hatha yoga teacher based in India.
She manages Yoga Vigyan @ https://www.facebook.com/yogavigyan)


Email: info@bavanisivananda.com

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